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Personal Profile

Bob Baschnagel, CFP®

Photo of Bob Baschnagel

Bob’s path to becoming a financial planner wound around the world — from Buffalo, NY, where he was born, through Tanzania, East Africa, and finally arriving in Asheville in 1999.

Throughout this journey, Bob’s duties always included handling finances — something he felt was vitally important, not only for the organizations where he worked, but for himself personally. It would eventually lead him to find his place in the financial world.

Bob graduated from State University of New York at Buffalo, with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a goal to develop and manufacture more environmentally conscious products. He first worked for the Newman Oil Company (NOCO) after hearing about their waste-oil recycling activities. Later, he became a project leader with Waste Management, helping companies properly dispose of their waste and stay in compliance with environmental regulations.

Bob changed his path in 1994 when he became a Peace Corps volunteer, and later was hired by Peace Corps as a trainer and administrator. He met and married his wife in Tanzania, and they both worked for a conservation fund leading projects and anti-poaching patrols in some of Tanzania’s remote game reserves.

Upon returning to the U.S., Bob worked as an administrator and campaign organizer for a regional coalition of conservation groups. His duties included managing the organization’s finances.

Later, after completing his Certified Financial Planner coursework, Bob joined a large financial services company. It was during this time that he met Harold, and they immediately connected over their shared philosophy of low-cost, client-based financial planning. He was asked to join Holcombe & McGrath in 2007.

Bob, his wife, and two children live in East Asheville.

Holcombe & McGrath
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Asheville, N.C. 28801